This is your one-stop-shop to access information for the October 2017 issue of New Products Quarterly, including product details and digital tool downloads. The October 2017 issue includes launches for the following lines of business: Respiratory Protection, Fall Protection, Eye Protection, Hand Protection, Head Protection and Gas Detection.



Honeywell North® Primair® 700 Series Powered Air Purifying Respirator

Work Hard. Breathe Easy.

The Honeywell North Primair 700 Series PAPR is engineered to be ergonomic, efficient and effortless to get the workers on the job faster and keep them comfortable and productive. The PA700 offers convenience, comfort, and confidence—all day, every day.



Miller® Falcon™ Edge Self-Retracting Lifeline

When the Job Takes You to the Edge: Depend on Miller.

In work environments of every variety, edges at height are much more common than people are aware of. Simply look around any construction site and note the many different edges that exist such as edges of a floor, roof or formwork. Designed for performance in edge applications, Falcon Edge SRLs offer versatility, reliability, and maximum safety.

* Available in November 2017 Only in the USA

Turbolite Edge

Miller® TurboLite™ Edge Personal Fall Limiter

When the Job Takes You to the Edge: Depend on Miller.

Designed for performance in sharp and smooth edge applications, TurboLite Edge PFLs are engineered to deliver the assurance you expect from Miller, and are available in a wide range of lengths from 6-ft.-12-ft. in single and twin configurations.

*Now available in Canada



Honeywell UVEX Avatar™

So Comfortable, They’ll Want Every Color.

Designed with the worker in mind, our unique technology allows for eight points of adjustability in this customizable, stylish eyewear. They’ll think you had these made just for them, and you’ll know your workers are safe. Avatar is certified to meet ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.3 standards.

Uvex SVP

Honeywell UVEX® SVP Series

Perfect Eyewear for Our Changing Demographics.

Its stylish, low-profile and very lightweight, fit offers all-day comfort for part-time or fulltime workforce across all industries.


Honeywell Uvex® Eyewear Accessories

Protection and Storage Solutions.

Quality long-term eyewear requires quality long-term maintenance. The Uvex line of eyewear accessories, cases and cords, offers convenient storage. Easy access and protection – for your eyes and your investment.


Perfect Fit

Honeywell Perfect Fit™ A6

Cut-Resistant Gloves.

The NEW Honeywell Perfect Fit A6 Cut-Resistant glove feature breathable polyurethane coating, in combination with a HPPE composite engineered yarn designed to enhance protection in high-cut environments. The Perfect Fit is ANSI A6 cut-protection, 6 abrasion and 5 puncture. Two Perfect Fit A6 styles are available: black on black and yellow on black.



Welding Helmet

Honeywell ADF Welding Helmet

Exceptional Comfort and View.

Protect your eyes by using the best hard coat manufacturing methods to produce our UV/IR Protective Band Pass Filter. The Light State of the lens is a true shade 3 which allows welders to see in dark environments with the helmet down and ready to work. It also allows welders to set up materials and next weld without lifting helmet, increasing productivity and protection. The WAV lens, combined with our Amber UV/IR Filter, gives the best view of the weld pool and total comfort.


Sensepoint XRL

Honeywell Sensepoint® XRL Bluetooth® Enabled Gas Detector

Hard at Work. Easy to Use.

Sensepoint® XRL enables you to use everyday technology to set up and maintain your gas detector. Its smartphone application is designed to simply and clearly guide you through every step of the installation process and is just as easy to use after setup – safety straightfoward.